Now this really pissed me off!

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by sheshovel, Jun 20, 2007.

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    Long story guys-
    Planted a small corner and 5-1/2 barrels in the front entry area and a few flats of Impatients along the side of this place. No big deal but about $400.00 in plant material.
    You know the one at the lake I posted that has the nightmare mess of pipes and wires and valves under the house?
    Well I watered it all in by hand when I planted, checked the existing sprays and new drip, then set the controller for all those areas and left.
    Went back five days later and everything was dry. Seems the water company in town had the water off for a few days
    (found this out by yelling to the guy digging the ditch across the road)
    the time for auto watering was within those days. Plants were starting to stress, no biggie I hand watered well, rechecked controller and left.
    7 days later the client calls about something else, I ask her, is everything looking ok? Is it all watering ok?
    "Oh yes everything is fine, plants look great, no problem"
    Asks me to add some ferns for her, ok do I'll tomorrow. I do another job and head out there late. Don't even look at the top, go down the side to plant the ferns, getting dark need to hurry. No lights on that side. Look at the new flowers WTF!! Dry as a bone and dying. Heck! Start digging the holes, granite boulders under there, small pockets of cement type soil.
    Need my pick and the soil amendment up top by corner bed. BACK up the hill. Go to get the stuff, corner hill has not been watering at all, two dead plants and all the rest wilting..I start to freak!
    Trot back down hill, stop at controller turn that corner zone on manually,
    pick my holes plant the ferns and hand water them in. Dark now. Replace the two heads there from 3/4's to 1/2 sprays as was requested by feel alone. Gather tools and go to test the heads, nothing happens. Well hell maybe the screws are closed on them. Whole time thinking corner bed is watering.
    Back up the hill to get screwdriver, corner hill is NOT watering.
    Figure screwdriver is not needed now. Something not right. Back down the hill and under house to check it out. What is the prob! I stare at the controller, digital read out there, says it is watering the zone manually. Stare harder... THE DAMN THING HAD BEEN UNPLUGGED FROM THE OUTLET!!
    Now She is really pissed off. It was plugged in 8 days ago! Investigate surroundings, AHAAA!! A brand new test light clipped onto wire and new cable strung and all all attached to plug that is plugged into controllers outlet!
    Right nasty note to cable guy( appeared he was not done, other new cables hanging no ends) threaten to make him pay for $400.00 worth of dead plants if I loose them. Steal the ******** test light for good measure.
    Plug it back in, set to check new sprays, why bother? cant see them anyway pitch black out, but hear them fine. Have wait for side to water new flowers awhile or all is lost. Shut it down the turned on the corner manually, back up the hill to check GEE WIZ water!! Now it's 9:30PM, I'm hungry, dogs hungry and we both tired from the days work and running up and down that damned hill. But have to wait for corner to water well.
    Done get in truck with dog, battery dead,problems with ignition position lately.
    Now I am FUMING out my ears, get out charger with quick start feature, extension cord, plug into garage. Now I drive a 53"GMC pick-up. Battery located passenger side under the floorboard. Pitch dark. I move all the stuff on the floorboard.
    Dog standing on seat panting down my neck. Now guys I'll have to tell ya, I was really scared about hooking those tiny jump cables to my battery in total darkness not much room in there, easy to get clips against metal when jumping. Dog breathing down my neck, sweating this! I yell at dog and push him back. This offends him! I apologize, hook up the cables. Mean time he goes out the drivers door. FINE! go around start truck up, un hook batt charger put it all away close up garage, truck running.
    No dog anywhere. Call, whistle, clap, no response. Can't see a thing! Drive truck to light up street, both ways nothing. Repark in driveway, get whistle yell, no dog.
    Go BACK down the hill almost all the way to the dock and there he is laying on the dock back to me completely ignoring my calls. I get him by his collar and RUN HIS AZZ all the way up all those steps. Knees killing me now. put him in and finally go home. Arrival time? 10:39PM.
  2. PurpHaze

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    WOW... She. I now understand why sometimes you just rip drip out. :)
  3. Mike Leary

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    Jeez sure have the fun! Your episode is a great example of why we
    hardwire clocks!:rolleyes:
  4. Grass Cake

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    And i thought i was the only sap to haul my dog around. :)


  5. sheshovel

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    Grass Cake, this dog of mine has been obedient all his life to me. Comes when he is called, never needed a leash, stays right with me walking and stays where he can see me when I am working at all times. Never lets me out of his sight.
    But lately he has been acting like a real jurk. I have jumped that truck with his side door open many times and he just sits there unfazed. Maybe he picked up on my anxiety from the events of the eve and my fear of clipping on those cables in the dark. Might be that is why he was panting down my neck and would not sit down.
  6. Dano50

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    Now that sounds like a long, bad way to end a day. Did you pop a coors when it was all over?
  7. Mike Leary

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    Umm, Do you think?..........(Backs out of thread).
  8. Grass Cake

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    If i saw those angry/thumping pectorals screaming at me? I'd be :walking: too! :laugh:
  9. CAPT Stream Rotar

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    can i get a cliff notes version of sheSHRUBBLER's blog?
  10. Wet_Boots

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    (we could all chip in and buy her some paragraph indentations)

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