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Now What???

Cut This!

LawnSite Member
So, knowing nothing, I finally get a website running and can update it and it looks O.K.

Now what?

What do I have to do to get it to show up in search engines?:confused:


LawnSite Member
Ephrata, PA
The easiest and best way to get a search engine listing
is to get a site that is already listed in the search engines
to link to you.

I suggest submitting your site to the Open Directory
( http://dmoz.org ) which is free. This directory is
compiled by human editors who work on a volunteer
basis, so it can take 3 to 4 weeks for your site to be
listed. But once it is listed, Google and the other search
engines will find your site because they spider the Open
Directory on a regular basis.

Submitting directly to the search engines will NOT speed
up the process. Google and the others receive so many
spam page submissions that direct submission actually
receives a low priority.

You might also check the web sites of your local trade
association or local community web sites to see if they
list links to member businesses.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Beaver Falls PA
Well, since you have your site up, the next step is to get some traffic. The site I really like is www.selfpromotion.com They automate listing with search engines and in a few minutes you can list your site with hundreds of search engines. There is no charge for this. They do accept donations and $ 15 - 20 will get you some extra tools that are pretty neat. If you use it pay attention because listing your site really has a half dozen or more seperate sections. It is easy to do the first and think you are done. There are lots more (which of course send you more traffic)

You really should do the major search engines manually. Some of those will requre a fee. You can skip them if you don't want to pay it but those are usually the ones that send the most traffic.

www.selfpromotion.com also has some helpful information on getting your site ready such as info on Meta Tags that can be helpful. Good luck with your site.