Now you tell me!


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So this I started making calls to local companies, nursing home and any place I thought we could get our foot in the door. One of the places I called said sure that would be great if you put in a bid on our property.
I even met with the gentlemen and he went over everything with me on what the previous company was doing.

I thought great. So I spent a few hours going over the property getting an idea of time for clean ups, cutting, and trimming.

Then spent more time putting it all together.

When I went to give it to the person I spoke with they tell me he no longer works there. So I met the new person that is the manager there and he was great. BUT he told me that they have 9 properties all over RI and had to put a bid in on them plus do snow removal. Which our company can not handle all of these properties [plus what we have now.

Waste of time.


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It seemed too good to be true and it was. Sorry you wasted your time. I got caught by a homeowner way back when I didn't know better. He asked me for a detailed bid on a lawn reno. I gave him a very detailed bid and the SOB did it himself. No more detailed bids.
Chalk it up to experience.