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Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by bob, Sep 16, 2008.

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    Please excuse my ignorance in the power washing area of our forum. I'm mostly a lawn guy!
    My power washer is an Excell with a 13hp Honda that delivers 3600psi and 4 gallons a minute. The nozzle size 4.5. I have the usual 5 color nozzles. Are all nozzles interchangable with other machines? Can I or should I use different size orifices? I'm currently looking into getting a telescopic extension. Will my nozzels fit? thanks

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    As far as being quick connects yes, they may fit. Interchangeable otherwise, No, unless they are rated at the same output as yours.

    The output pressure is determined by forcing the output volume of water through a certain size orifice or spray tip. Spray tip size is a very important factor of proper pressure washer performance, using a tip that is sized to small will allow over pressurization of the pump and components. A tip (orifice) too undersized will give a drop in pressure and an increase in flow, however, a problem may develop with the unloader as the spring tension is set according to the “designed” back pressure that it was intended to encounter.

    In other words, you may experience a cycling problem, or other malfunctions. It is ok to deviate a little from the original tip size that is issued with your pressure washer but with a give take outcome. Ultimately, you don’t want to over pressurize.

    Again, I don't see why not as long as they are the same size Q.C.
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    They should all fit other machines. Any specialty tips may act differently on different machines.

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