NP208 + Lift +stock driveshaft = problem

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by DwarF, Jan 6, 2001.

  1. DwarF

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    Slip yoke, I can't drive around in front wheel only. That is part of my complaint. But I will try switching around in the tcase and see what happens, thanks for your effort. I am sure I am going to find the answer to this one cold night in the middle of no-where! But I will fill you guys in when I know what it is.
  2. DwarF

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    I think your hints are correct, and my assumption about the slip yoke is wrong. Tell me what you think:

    It knocks bad in 2Hi from a take off from standstill, as we have discussed.

    In 4Hi, it still knocks a little bit. But it is later in the gear, and not nearly as severe, one to three knocks top on full throttle.

    In N (on tcase) there are no knocks what-so-ever. Takes off.

    Same for 4Lo

    So you think this is bearing damage in tcase?
  3. beerandcope

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    i am having the same kind of trouble you are haveing and i foun that the bearings were bad on th front drive shaft even though i couldnt move the plate. you might wanna try that even though you might not think it is that.
  4. mike reeh

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    Hmm.. Interesting..

    I have a similar problem, only different. :) I have a 203 case (with part time kit) and I have to always either A) drive with the hubs locked or B) drive with hubs unlocked, in 4wheel.. In other words the Front driveshaft has to be spinning the same rpm as the rear, or it creates a really bad knock. With the front hubs locked, if I peel out on dirt or something, it still does it because they are turning diff speeds.. It sounds sort of like a gear barely engaging, trying to grab.

    Is that at all similar to your problem? I know we have totally different transfer cases but its worth a shot.

    Im a little confused as to what you mean by Transfer case in NEUTRAL and Takes off.

  5. TLS

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    Maybe he means, takes off in the driveway while in park! Been there done that!


    Another thing to check that can make your noise. Look closely at all of your exhaust system. My 75 Sub has exhaust exits 1/4" below the running boards. When I get on it, they vibrate like heck and rattle the whole truck. Was scratching my head for a few days on this one.

  6. DwarF

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    I promised I would come back and tell you the solutions. Well, it was two things.
    1. The Tcase mounts or transmission mounts if you are looking them up in a parts catalogue, were worn too rubbery, so I bought some new polyurathane (sp?) ones, and that solved 90% of it.
    2. The driveshaft is at a bit of a severe angle due to the slip yoke, and I need to get a Spicer type, and slip yoke eliminator.

    So, if you are experiencing the same problem, the mounts cost only 45 bucks, and fixed 90% of the problem!

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