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    I think NPCA needs to go back to his own site. I have watched for years the trouble he starts there. I dont' think we need that here, why bring all his baggage to this forum? We all seem to get along well and answer own questions without all his HOT AIR!!! Just my opinion!!
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    If you'd rather have your questions answered by people who think using Gilsonite sealer WITHOUT sand is OK when doing a professional job, go ahead, get rid of NCPA.

    It's not like NCPA is trying to show anybody up, just trying to educate people. I know sealcoating sounds like something that is so simple, but it really isn't. Sure JetBlack and other franchises make it "simple" to start out and make some money, but they charge you like 75k startup to do so. If you have 75k startup you can hire somebody in the professional sealcoating industry to teach you how to run the business for 5k or under (5 days or so) and use the other 70k to buy about 5x the quality and 2x the amount of startup supplies (including truck, tanks, employees, sealer, sand, brushes, ect.). If your goal was to sell pizzas, would you buy one from your local pizzeria and resell it, or would you make it from scratch for 1/10th the cost? Sure, some people would just buy it from a pizza place because they don't want to take the time to prep it, cook it, ect. But for those of you that want to do things right, there is no need to franchise.

    That is just one example of the common misconceptions that I have seen on this forum, and NCPA is just trying to help people out before they make a mistake, not after.

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