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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Acute Cut, Aug 31, 2004.

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    After much debate with myself and my wife i have decided on next years new truck. i am looking at an 03,04 or 05 Isuzu NPR diesel.

    As for the bed set up(which was the hard choice) i decided to go for the landscapers body on this one. Since i do both and am buying the dingo next year as well i thought i better save a little where i can. Plus, if all works out well i can upgrade and get a third truck and that would be the SLT and i will keep the landscaper body truck just for landscaping. Doing it in steps i suppose.

    Landscaper bed thoughts and Questions:
    I plan on doing some minor changes to the design right away. I am going to cut the front bin up a bit and add another deeper bin on the drivers side. This will be for grass clippings since we do have to bag sometimes. I am also planning on getting the fold down sides so i can use it for landscaping if i want as well.

    Anyone know where to get the fuel system SLT has? I just want one tank to go under for fuel for the mowers. Actually, any place you know that would work? Also, i know the mpg for the box vans, but what about with a landscaper body on it? Thoughts anyone?

    (Ok, so i am 90% sure this is the way i wanna go. Alot can change in 7 months till next season starts.:D )

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