NPR Type Truck vs Pick up trailer

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by kyfirewood, Feb 15, 2013.

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    Seeing that I only work solo or with 1 guy, I only have 1 truck. For my needs a pickup and trailer are much better at being versatile, and I can take my wife to dinner in my truck :laugh: But thats just my personal situation, If I could have dedicated personal truck I would buy an NPR or the likes seeing as people love them so much.
  2. kyfirewood

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    Thanks for the comments thus far. I want to hear from more of you. Box truck vs open. Diesel vs gas. Which brand do you favor? Thanks again.
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    I prefer a box truck to keep my stuff out of the rain and locked up from thieves. I also prefer the Isuzu/GM trucks over Mits Fuso, although that has to do with the dealer not the truck itself.
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  4. windflower

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    I switched from a pick up/trailer to a NQR a few years ago. There is more room in the truck (wheels are under the bed). Balancing the load is almost not an issue. Mileage is 12 to 15mpg with the 4HE diesel engine. With the cab tipped up access to the engine is much better than a pick up. The Walker I use has a brake so I use the lift to load/unload it. Deck hangs off a bit, but it hasn't been a problem. I have a pair of 12 foot aluminum ramps for the tractor. Still have the trailer, but it's used only for storage. Wish I'd switched years ago.
  5. HRidgeLandscapes

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    Switching from trucks and trailers to cabover trucks is the best thing we have done. We save money on fuel over a 2500 diesel pickup. If you buy one make sure you get it with a large enough wheel base to be able to get a 19 foot bed. We had one with a 17 foot bed and the extra 2 feet make a huge difference.

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