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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by packey, Jan 16, 2009.

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    I found an isuzu npr today that I think might make a good work truck to replace my ageing dodge. It is a 1998 npr 1 ton with a 14 ft flat med metal removeable sides and a 3500 lbs lift gate. The truck is a 350 v8 with an automatic. It has higher miles around 169000. I know the truck runs and drives well with no major visible defect. My question is will this truck handle my 20 ft trailer with my tractor combined weight of trailer and tractor is abround 8900 lbs. I have my trailer set up with dual brake axles. If anyone has experience with this type of truck let me know
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    I have a gas burner and it stays in the shop. The diesels run forever.
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    It will pull it but very slow. The diesel of this vintage would be even slower but more economical and reliable.
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    Hey Packey,
    you would be stretching it with 8900 lbs. I have an Izusu npr turbo diesel and spoke to Izusu about pulling a trailer. They said around 5000 lbs. Is your gvw 12500 or 14000? If it's 14k, then you might be ok.

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    i am also looking at the isuzu cab over , but i'm looking at a 1988 turbo diesel for $1500 i would like to he some of your idea about it like stay away or a they good
  8. South Florida Lawns

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    First 169k is not high for these trucks. I have never driven the gas, but the diesels are fast. I know for a fact it will tow your trailer, I have seen them pull equipment trailers like yours with pallets of brick pavers on the back, it should handle your tractor and trailer fine.
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    i just thought id throw in my opinion. ive never driven one of these trucks but i think alot of how it pulls that way would depend on the the ratio in the rear axle. if it is geared right then it should pull fine. pulled alot with the 350 in my truck but it was pretty slow and not to good on the truck but it still did it. hope my opinion helps...

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