Ntural turf managment training

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    Tech Terra Organics is sponsoring a 2 day training season on Systems Approach To Natural Turf Management.

    Date: Dec 1&2, 2009
    Location: New Jersey Landscape Contractors Association
    Headquarters in Elmwood Park, NJ http://www.njlca.org/
    Trainer: Chip Osborne

    Description: Osborne Organics, LLC http://www.osborneorganics.com/index.html provides educational opportunities in the form of in-depth trainings to both landscape contractors and the municipal sector in natural turf methods. We have conducted programs in various regions of the country with the goal of assisting in growing the knowledge base in the field of natural turf management.

    Price: $400.00 for both days, includes lunches.
    Limited to 35 attendees

    Please contact me via email to be added to list of people who will receive invitations.
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    i wish i could go, would be very interesting but it is a bit far for this guy

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