Nuked my entire bentgrass yard, now what?


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About 10 days ago I sprayed my entire yard because It was 50-70% bentgrass. I sprayed the remaining green areas again a couple days ago. Today I mowed it as short as my mower will go which is around 1”. At this point I’m thinking I will power rake next but wondering if that will be enough to allow for seed to soil contact. I do not have access to a slit seeder. Anyone have experience with this? Thank you.


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A power rake should be plenty. Then you can seed right into that. I assume you have irrigation. Its getting pretty bushy, can you thin the trees any ?
A power rake is always a good option to remove thatch. Also, it will allow direct contact between the seeds and soil. I would like to suggest few tips to make your lawn lush and healthy.
  1. Select a grass type which is suitable for the soil.
  2. Add organic fertilizers according to the soil's pH value.
  3. Water your lawn daily in the early morning.
For more tips, check here.

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Wait till September to power take and seed. If there's lots of thatch rake, bag yard, seed then take rake again with a started fertilizer. If you really want this to take off be willing to topdress with a good compost yearly.


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I recently saw an expert opinion that suggested to short cut, then verticut, the area to be overseeded. Then sow seed. Then verticut again to incorporate the seed into the soil.
You need to rent a vertical mowing machine--but this is almost the same as a power rake.
There is a lot of labor involved if you remove the residue. I am not sure if you can leave the organic residue on top to serve as organic mulch.
Rolling? This would probably help to press the seed into the soil. "Roll" with your tires if that is more convenient.
Water every day for 30 days.