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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by Comet, May 6, 2002.

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    Completed that pond several weeks ago, had one minor skimmer leak,,,, came out looking real good, I didnt to any of the softscapes,, guy was too cheap,,long story..
    It was a pain from the first second we got there, I made absolutly nothing on it, not a penny sad to say..

    at anyrate I was wondering if you can assit me in posting the jpg photo I have of it.

    I have tried numerous times with no success.
    The jpg is 75k
    I thought it would be easy to attach it here...

    OH!!! after the installation the HO for god knows what reasons,,,(there shouldnt have been) moved and changed 10% of the water falls stones, I have no idea how the flow is now,,, It was perfect when we left as you will see in a photo of it some day,,

    if it leaks from the stream now,, am I to blame? I think i shouldnt be responsible for anything that happens with this pond now, my opinion this is,,, what do you think please, (in case I get a call someday from him complaining)
    PS there was no warranty given such as a year, six months etc..
    I went back the one time to repair the skimmer leak
    I noticed today he moved a lot of things, gosh knows what he has been doing
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    Homeowners can be a pain. Your idea of the right water flow and theirs can be quite different. Usually they want Niagra falls. I like to do the final adjustments with them approving it. I explain that moving stone after I have made it splash/leak free can cause lose of water and I will charge to fix it. I also make all the key stones unmovable by bonding with cement.
  3. Comet

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    Thanks Dan
    Yes he was there as we were doing the final adjustments and loved every bit of it. He didnt want a Niagra falls but a gentle natural looking and soft flow in which case he got.

    Its beyond me why he changed things, I think he just wanted to lead people to hink he did the job, etc..

    Ill remmeber that about the key stones in mortor next time IF I ever decide to do another one, so far I have been on an aditional 12 more calls for ponds and they ALL have this rediculous therory in their head that itshould only cost them a few hundred dollars etc

    I blame the nursery's that sell the kits and have the stones for sale in wich case they tell the customer: OH you just need this liner an pump and a couple (2-3) of these big waterfall stones and to just dig a hole......
    This I know is true

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