Number of customers that can be cut per week

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by slider53072, Mar 23, 2001.

  1. slider53072

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    As I've stated before I am new to This and was wondering about how many customers per week i can cut. The approximate area that I will cover is with in 30 minutes of my home, the yard sizes vary from 1/4 acre to 1+ acre and the equipment I have is a Grasshopper 721D2 with a 52in Deck ANY INPUT IS APPRECIATED!!!!!!
  2. brandy

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    Depends on the jobs, we cut 100 lawns per week in four days leaveing the other days for extras!!!! Two guys with two riders!!
  3. Richard Martin

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    A lot of variables go into how many lawns can be cut per week. These variables include but are not limited to equiptment, cutting conditions, attitude of the people cutting, age of the people cutting and a whole host of other variables.

    The number of lawns I can cut a week differs greatly from most of the members of this forum. Mine is usually less. But compared to other contractors in my area who do the same quality of work that I do I am right on par.

    As long as you are satisfied don't worry about what anybody else is doing. I have learned not to.

    Just love what you are doing and do the best job that you can and everything else will take care of itself.
  4. bob

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    Probably a better question would be how many square feet do you ut in a week? On LS member cut something like 75 lawns in a day, but they were mobile homes.
  5. awm

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    If you are young and new, you can cut as many as you want.
    Every once and awhile I have one of them young days still.
    Be sure and remember to enjoy it.

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