Number of Cuts


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N.E. Wisconsin
After looking at my stats for 2000, I had a record year and I was wondering if you had the same.

I found that I was busier cutting and my best customer had me visit the lawn for mowing 31 times. Same customer 27 times in 99. I know some of you southern guys think this is no big deal but it is for N.E. Wisconsin.

I just want to know where you are (state) and greatest number of cuts at your best customers residence last season. If you want to compare to 99 thats fine too. Thanks.

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central Indiana
Central Indiana. Had one account that I cut 33 times. I cut it six times in three different months early this spring. At times I would cut it every four days!!! In 99 i believe i cut it 26 last year. We had a bit of a drought late last year!!!

This year we had around 28-30 cuts and last year we were down to 20-22 cuts, we were steady mowing all season it only started to slow in the early summer. Thats in CT. Plus we still had people insist on cutting every other week in the summer even though it needed it . Just My two cents


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Pittsburgh, PA
About 30 cut per year.

Speaking about mowing, I know most of us (who don't use contracts)have had conversations with customers when we think their lawn needs mowed and they don't. I'd be interested in how everyone handles this situation.



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Columbus Ga
my year round contracts i am on thier yards 43 times a year
they pay for year round service . this leaves me 9 open weeks for weather problems ,equiptment,sicknes"lazyness,vaction...
for these ellite members of my bizz, they get mowing,string trimming,leaf control,edging,shrubs maintained,and gutters blown out twice a year.