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Discussion in 'LESCO' started by lbmd1, Dec 5, 2004.

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    while I know that calibrating each product seperately is the proper way to distribute materials, do you have a cross reference from the new numbered Lesco spreaders (705699) to the old lettered spreaders? I've got a few odd bags of organic fert that have the designation setting for " S " on a Lesco spreader and don't really want to spend too much time calibrating for a few bags on my 705699. On a side note, Robert in your North Hampton, NH store is a great representative of your company.

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    B=6 G=16
    B.5=7 G.5=17
    C=8 H=18
    C.5=9 H.5=19
    D=10 I=20
    D.5=11 I.5=21
    E=12 J=22
    E.5=13 J.5=23
    F=14 K=24
    I hope these help you out
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    Go see Bob in North Hampton. He just gave me a sheet with those settings yesterday.
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