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Numbness and tingling in the fiingers and hand


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Middle Tennessee
just setting up this tread a get an estimate of how many out there are experiencing symptoms of numbness and tingling in the hand and fingers while operating equipment, i know my upper extremities give me fits. Along side of lawn care i am a sports medicine student in college doing some research on this problem. If you you would like to reply just state were the symptoms occur, what makes them better, what makes them worse or just say you have this problem so i can get a number that will depict how many are affected by the vibrations produced from their equipment. Thanks for your time.


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Ithaca, NY
my hand are mostly numb all of the time. the doc says it is from carpal tunnel (spelling) he claim that holding a weedeater put stress on your wrist and the nerves that travel through and that is the cause of it. During the winter my symptoms go away but within two week of weedeating I have it for the entire summer.


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do a site search (topmost greenest top-bar, which see) for "whitefinger"


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I Have Finger And Wrist Numbness And Tingling When I Use My Hydro Walk Behind For Extended Periods Of Time. It Has A Loop Style Controls Where When You Have To Keep Constant Tension, Let It Out Goes Forward Pull Back Slows To A Stop And Then To Reverse. I Spoke To A Pt About It And He Recommended Trying Some Bicycling Gloves With Gel Palms. After About Ten Different Pair, I Ended Up With A Mechanix Wear Pair With Mesh Back And Gel Palms. It Has Helped Tremendously. I Will Not Go Back To Bare Handing It. Plus If I Have To Shake Hands I Can Take My Gloves Off And Have Somewhat Clean Hands.( Little More Professional )
The Only Other Tingling Problem Is When I Used To Edge For Extended Periods Of Time, For Instance Commercial With Lots Of Sidewalk My Elbow And Shoulders Would Tingle And Get Numb( Like You Slept On It And Woke Up.) I Eventually Ended Up Offering Gloves To All My Workers To Help Avoid Workers Comp Claim Or Lost Time At Work.


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Do not take carpal tunnel lightly. It should be checked out. The doctor will send a current through the various nerves that run through the carpal tunnel in the wrist. What will most likely be found is that the afflicted hand has become weaker. My right is now as strong as my left. There are various exercises that can be done. However, at some point the inflammation of the nerve sheath is too great and surgery is required. If you wait too long, the recover is very long.



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Denton, Texas
I get it on my right hand which controls my blades. Middle and ring fingers go numb and I just deal with it but if it really gets to me I just stop and shake it out for a few seconds. I don't really have much of a problem with my trimmers and edgers. When I'm outside working I wear padded palm Mechanix gloves.

I also have the same problem of the middle and ring fingers going numb when I'm painting a house or something and that's the fingers I hold the brush with, along with my thumb.

In the mornings I wake up and my right hand is really sore sometimes and other times it's completely numb. I've started wearing a wrist brace some nights and it helps with the numb issue, but it still hurts a little bit.

Hope this helps your research.

KTO Enterprises

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I have a pain in my left elbow that wont go away.