Numbness and tingling in the fiingers and hand

Discussion in 'Industry Surveys & Polls' started by Fro, May 28, 2007.

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    Read the Article in this months Lawn and Landscape Magazine
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    mine shows up when it's cold out
  3. Mike M

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    I have problems daily with the numbness and tingling in both my hands and fingers. I also get a burning which extends down through primarily my middle fingers. I also have what someone has called trigger finger.

    I went through all three of these symptoms. The tingling from tip of pinky to elbow was carpal tunnel, effected by equipment vibration, I was told the gel gloves you get at an auto supply store help (didn't try it).

    I get trigger finger every year now. I'm used to it.

    The burning I had went from under my arm and down along my arm. I went to the doctor for that, turned out to be a little nerve aggravation/damage.

    The best thing I ever did to relieve most pain was to stop using my hands so much. I don't just use my hands to shove my tools into dirt or mulch, I let my feet and legs do the work. I also stopped raking as much as possible, and I use my power equipment as much as I can to do the work for me.

    The best source of explanation for me on everything was my doctor, but I had to figure out on my own how to use my hands more carefully.

    I can identify the specific job that did my hands in: I was busting up crusted mulch with a metal rake, swinging my arms. I would never do that again, I use a long handled digging shovel for almost everything, and let my feet do the work.

    Hope this helps.

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    I had this for about 2 weeks didn't pay no mind to it next thing i know i passed out in my yard and had a stork at 34 years old. was in the hospital for four day's next time i'll go sonner if i make it that long!!
  5. texpro

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    fingers go numb and tingel in my trigger hand with string trimmer short break cures it starts after 30 or so min
  6. 44DCNF

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    I get numbness in the hands, loss of grip strength, as well as pain up to and in the elbow at times. I think mine comes more from pulling and pushing on the bars of the walk behind (worse when using the proslide), holding trimmers at arms length, and spading and shoveling, rather than vibration of the equipment alone. Pressing down on the juncture of the top rib to the spine relieves my numbness. I can arrange myself against a corner of a wall or tree to apply the treatment when by myself. Often I will wake up with one or both of my arms and hands numb. My wife will apply pressure to the top rib joint with her thumb and the numbness will go away within seconds. I guess this is Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. A very good Physical therapist guided me to this method of treatment after a couple weeks of evaluating and trying different stretches and movements to see what made it worse or better. Degenerative disc disease in the neck and upper spine has been diagnosed. Work on the speed bag seems to reduce the frequency of onset of symptoms.
  7. causalitist

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    i got this bad from my kawi twin t-bar.. never from my single cylinder kohler ..

    i finally went and bought 2 of those foam pads they put on barbells for doing squats ... cut one in half .. zip-stripped em on and walla no more numbness.

    also with my t-bar .. i always used to have a bungie wrapped around the lower part of the controls so when i had to grab some trash i didnt need to shut down the blades for the 2 seconds it took.. i would just hook it to the t bar for a sec to hold down the switch. .. but then i accidentally resumed once with it still hooked on, and pulling the bar forward and lemme tell you, i dont do this on little yards, but the big ones, i leave it on, and i barely have to press the bar to move it.. just tap left and right. its great.

    it pulls forward just enough to help.. the machine still stops on its own it i let go of it. and again ... only on 1/2 acre or larger open lots.

    takes alot of the fatigue and effort out of leaning on the tbar to conrtol it.
  8. PBinWA

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    I had Carpal Tunnel on or off for almost 18 years. In Canada the great free medical system just told me to put on a wrist splint and if I really really wanted to they could see if they could get me to see a specialist but it would be a really long wait. I'm not a big complainer so I sucked it up. I used to wake up in pain at night and run hot water over my wrists since it would make the pain go away.

    After I moved to the US and started working some longer days chopping down blackberries with a cheap Ryobi trimmer I started to get it really bad. Then, I started to drop things I was holding for no apparent reason.

    So I went to my US doctor and in no time I was seen by a couple of specialists who said I had the second worst case of Carpal Tunnel they had ever seen (story of my life - I'm never the best at anything).

    Apparently, if you just "suck it up" and ignore Carpal Tunnel for too long the nerves in your wrist get impinged in the tunnel. This can prevent the muscles in your hand from getting used properly and they just start to weaken and atrophy. This is what happened to me. My thumb muscles were really weak so my grip strength was really bad.

    So within 1-2 months of getting this diagnosed I had both hands operated on (under local anaesthetic so I could watch) about two weeks apart. It was about a year for a total recovery but now it's been about three years and everything seems relatively normal.

    There are lots of things that can prevent carpal tunnel from acting up. However, if you have it bad - go talk to a doctor and get it fixed.
  9. hess

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    I'm in the same boat you were in mine is so bad i have nerve damaged from it have to go back to the doctor to get this done also at the end of august.
  10. MadMike and Son

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    I have a pain in my neck but it goes away when my wife leaves.

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