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nurse tank for PG's

2 man crew

LawnSite Senior Member
I've seen a few of you guys recommending 50 gal nurse tanks for the Perma Green set up. How do you plan on getting through the day with only 50 gal?

Also are you going to pre mix your liquid in the nurse tank or are you going to mix each 8 gallon tank as you go?


LawnSite Platinum Member
You can do it either way. Bring straight water and mix liquid concentrate on a per tank basis or you can premix a batch in your nurse tank. If you use the straight water method then its best not to use wettable powders as the agitation isn't all that aggressive. The advantage to carrying water is that you can change products as you see fit. Herbicide in the morning on one property and insecticide on another in the afternoon. Gives you flexibility.

James Cormier

LawnSite Bronze Member
50 gallons is a little over 200k ( ultra ) and 400k ( centri ) which is fine for residential work, also your not blanket applyng every lawn.

If I am in a back yard I will stop at a hose and fill my machine if its getting low and I am not spraying that lawn.


LawnSite Member
I only spray wc through my sprayers so I use a Lesco 50 gal. sprayer to refill my PG. I always have the 50 gal pre mixed w/ wc, so I can be off and spraying w/ it as needed.
When the PG runs out, I just refill from the 50 gal and calc. the difference in wc needed. I HAVE needed to refill the 50 gal. during the day, time to time. But over a 100 gal unit, It takes up alot less space in the van AND is quick & easy to refill at ANY customers house.