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southeast Pa.
I would like to purchase a nurse tank set up for filling my z spray. What I had in mind was a 50 or 75 gallon water tank with a pump that would put out at least 3-4 gallons per minute that I can hook up to a car battery rather than wire it through my truck.

Anyone have a nurse tank set up used for this purpose that can offer advice on setup and companies that they have purchased the pump or setup through?

Thanks for any advice.



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I am just finishing the same thing myself. Don't buy a setup from someone. It's to easy to make yourself. Just buy a tank, pump and fittings and it will take you 15 minutes to put together. Most of that time goes to running the positive wire up to the battery. Total cost with 65 gallon tank was just under $200. By the way, buy the tank locally. I found one for $60 from Northern Tool, but shipping was $95! I ended up paying $125 locally for it.


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central PA
Here's a thought for you. I agree with the other guys. Make one up, definitely cheaper. We have an 80 gallon mounted on half a skid. Slide it right in the bed of a pickup, then throw a skid of fert behind it. We have a perma green on a caddy for the hitch, one man operation, one truck, no trailer. No need to run up to the battery for the pump. We got a 12v pump, screwed it to the side of the pallet, and it kicks out 5 gpm. We put a trailer plug on the end of wire going to the pump and plug it right into the trailer harness port on the back of the truck. Most newer trucks have a "constant hot wire" in the back to power up 12v lights inside enclosed trailers. This wire has plenty of juice to run a small 12v nurse tank pump. It's a real quick set up and you can leave it hooked up till your done. You'll have to get a test light to find which wires you need, one ground and one hot. Plus you can use this setup in any truck. Just a thought.


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north DFW
just rigged up a 125g nurse tank for z-spray/gator sprayers. If there are any farm auctions nearby, you can nearly always buy fiberglass or poly tanks for nothing--- check for cracks and weathering. Weld up a skid and you are in business. I put on old honda water pump on mine which fills the z in less than two minutes.


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we use gravity, not a pump.
fills PG unit and handcans quickly enough.
50 gal poly tank with a 2 inch outlet and a shut off valve at the end of the 2inch hose.

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I just bought a cone-shaped 35 gal. tank that is mounted in a
steel 4-legged stand. I'm going to put a 1" hose that runs out of
bottom with about 15' of hose. I have a PG and will use gravity
to fill it up fairly fast.

These cone-shaped tanks are sometimes called mixing tanks and we use them on our farm to mix chemicals. I don't know how legal it is but I would say it is safe as having any other bulk tank
in back of a pick-up. What is nice about this setup is easy draining and clean-up of the tank and no pump and very inexpensive. They come in larger sizes, also.

If you are interested let me know and I will give you the name and number of the company I bought it from.


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Great idea Jarrod. Nice to know you didnt fall off the fave of the earth too.

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