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    I had a customer at a nursery interested in a track machine. He wanted to know why nurseries here are still purchasing rubber tire units. I had several ideas that I gave him. I told him I would see what you all thought and called a Deere dealer in the heart of nursery country to see how he was doing with track units. Give all the reasons you think and know and I will check back later in the week and tell you the conclusion I came up with. :waving:
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    If you are on the dirt more, tracks are better than tires because you get better traction.
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    JD we use both our T190 and our NHLX665 in our nursery operation. Now the tracked machine is better when you get the amount of rain that we get in the early spring and in the winter. The tracked machine is also better when using the spade or auger on a slight slope. If your customer can afford the difference and can justify the extra cost of the tracked machine then for all means get hima 322 or 332.
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    It pretty much depends on how much rain and moisture the ground typically has. The tracks don't offer anything other than flotation in this application.
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    This is a little different then a nursery,but has some of the same uses , in my Cat On Your Own magizine, which they have changed there name, it is now called Groundbreaker.

    They had a article about a guy in Canada that has a grape winery and orchard operation and liked there track machine because of the floation was there main concern,also compaction bewteen the grape vines(just room enough for the machine to go between the rows) since they was harvesting what they call ICE wine,they harvest when the grapes are frozen.

    They said they had a specialized ice wine net roller (attachment of somekind) that they designed to harvest the grapes.They didn't show it ,so don't know how it works or looks like.Like i said before,everyone is looking for better MOUSETRAP!!!!!!

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    I found out that price is the issue with Nurseries not using track units. The customer is interested in spending the difference though. He says he can make 5 g's every day he digs and this would allow him to dig more when it is wet. He is running a couple of old small mustangs now and down time on the old machines have also become an issue. Most nurseries use rubber tire with steel tracks. Rubber track will give him more stability and better floatation. Going to try to put him in CT322.
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    It looks like we are going to be awarded a bid for a large landscaping and hardscaping project for a new wal-mart super center and my brothers and I have talked about getting a demo of the ct332 possibly on this job or at our tree farm. We also are going to take a look at the new case machines as well.
    Our local deere dealer is only 20 minutes away and has great service so we will see what happens in the next month or so.

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    Good deal. We do not have a Case dealer here pushing skid steers, but I here they are excellent machines, I know the old units I traded in in the past had good resale value. Let me know how demos go.

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