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Discussion in 'Nurseries and Growers' started by allinearth, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. allinearth

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    Who here has a nursery or works at one? Tell us what kind of nursery you have. ex: grower, re-wholesale, retail, liner, bare root.
  2. Dtreefarm

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    Have bare rooted pine for our-self on small scale for our own propagation, just not quite set up for larger quantities.

    We primarily are a grower and buy our bare root stock spruce, pine and field grow them to marketable sized ornamental B and B trees.

    Wholesale, little retail...... any sale right now is good:)
  3. tenndigger

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    Wholesale grower of shade and ornamental trees here. We also grow a few boxwood varieties and some larger growing shrubs such as viburnum. We have been at it for many years with customers spread across many states. Our primary focus is 2-6" cal. plant material for the landscape professional.
  4. Dtreefarm

    Dtreefarm LawnSite Member
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    I should have added we specialize in larger 7 foot and up sized spruce and assorted pine

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