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Discussion in 'Nurseries and Growers' started by bernray2, Apr 4, 2008.

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    Does any one on this site know that nurserys are now giving out their their price guides to builders now?

    I just went to a builders trade show and got a price guide with all the wholesale prices, the person who gave it to me when I confronted him, just said well all landscapers just work for labor. Well thats nice, does anyone else have anything to say about this or I'm I the only person who is up set. I'm probably the only guy thats pissed off about the fuel prices also, the only guys that are pissed are the truckers. We are in a recession and going down:dizzy:
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    Yea that is kinda crappy but you cant be mad at him. There job is more professional then ours. Im not saying he is right but look at how %80 of these landscapers and lawncare providers are. they dont follow rules and its not hard to start up a business anyone can do it really. And they will under cut everyone to make a buck and it gives us all a bad name. I know in ohio where im from you can get ahold of the dept of ag. and pay $75 bucks and get a licence for "dealer in nursery stock" and now you can buy truely wholesale just like the big companys do... Im not sure if its liek that where you live but thats what i did so i dont have to worry about it and the prices are beyond great! hope that helps:usflag:
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    Almost all wholesale nurseries will sell direct to builders or anyone else that will buy in truck load quantities. Money is money. I have wholesale operations in 4 states and we have a sliding scale price dependant on quantity. We do not sell just one tree (except to regular wholesale customers.) Not worth my time. Given a choice I'd rather sell to experienced andscapers but we've found that our best customers are builder/developers and governments. Stay loyal to one wholesale nursery and soon you'll get all their specials and rock bottom prices as your a repeat customer.

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