Nut extermination

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by godzilla, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. godzilla

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    So I go to do this spring clean-up and the lady tells me when I get there that every nut must be removed from the property. I did what I felt was a reasonable job, blew off the yard and got any nuts that I saw. Mostly I just blew them to the edge of the yard and into the woods. Apparently that is not good enough. So now I must go back and pick up all the nuts. I think that around the edges of the property I will just move the nuts farther into the woods with the back pack blower and in the beds anything that remains will have to be picked up by hand... but in the yard I was there for 3 hrs yesterday on my hands and knees popping nuts out of the yard, some imbedded by as much as an inch. Any thoughts on the best way to go about this type of work?
  2. lawnsplus

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    You sir are nuts. Drop the lady or tell her you will crawl around on your hands and knees all day if she likes at $50 per hour.
  3. Littleriver1

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    No, he isn't nuts. He is just trying to make those folk happy. $50.00 an hour is the correct price. I have one of those extra clean people. We use shop vacs. Fast, easy, no bending over. Fill that baby up and dump it in the truck and you'll be out of there in no time. Just remember to charge her for the time it takes to unload and dump fees. Last time I hauled over 6000 lbs from one customer.
  4. Willofalltrades

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    Make sure you charge accordingly!
  5. godzilla

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    The shop vac worked out well. I tried it earlier today with good results.

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