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    Somebody mentioned "Image". That will work as a post emergent. I would get some kind of pre emergent down as well. Make sure the ornamentals you are top spraying are labeled as non-target plants.

    Through the years i have also noticed that nutsedge likes to grow in very wet soil. You can try to lighten up on the irrigation(if that is the case).
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    What would the long range effects of using a flame thrower/weed burner on the flower beds around my own home. Would the soil be totally sterilized and essentially dead? We used to use tractorswith boom flame throwers in Florida to burn our pastures and the grass came back much better. Nutsedge is the only thing in the flower beds right now. After reading here I see why pulling the nutsedge just made it thicker.
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    Yup, I have had good results with manage, both in lawns and landscape areas. It is labled for both areas. Just make sure to add the proper amount of surfactant to it also.
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    That is good news. I haven't tried Drive on Nutsedge before, because the label doesn't list it among the weeds it controls. But I will give it a shot.

    Hey, how well does Drive work on Violets? I haven't tried that either.

    I have been using Drive on Crabgrass only.
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    I dont understand either why basf dont list nutsedge. Went by 3 houses I treated two weeks ago and it is DEAD.
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    Manage with surfactant

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