Nutralene "methx" vs bio solid N

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by HBFOXJr, Jan 16, 2003.

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    If I remember correctly :( methx aka methylene urea does not depend a lot on microbial action for N release. I've used it before, straight and in complete fert and love the color and growth. Will release and feed even is cooler temps. Heavy moisture does not affect it.

    Of course bio N relies on microbes and warm temps and moisture.

    I'll be getting a blend made consisting of both bio & methx plus urea for this year but want to vary % of each. I was thinking 35% bio and 25% methx in the first half of the year and reversing that in the 2nd half. But I don't actually know if there would be a meaningful turf culture difference or what it would be.
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    i thought all meth type products depend on microbial activity and warm temps? hmm, fox where and how do you get your products blended. i'm looking for a bio type w/ a spike similar to what your describing.
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    what I have on methx (aka methylene urea) is that its moisture dependence is moderate (that's just up from the lowest moisture dependence of minimum) and a low temperature dependance of medium. Sulfur coated urea and IBDU both are slow-release forms of N with a better response rate (moderate rapid) in low temperatures. Good luck.

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    I had a custom blend made for me that was by weight 50% bio solid, 25% ammonia sulfate, 25% nutralene. Was a fantastic Product. The count was 17-3-8 and it gave fantastic results. It was expensive at $2.68/1000 sq ft. Yes I used it at a heavy rate. If you have any other questions lets hear them.

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