Nutsedge driving me crazy

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by ronpozoromo, Jul 25, 2013.

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    I am just a homeowner that decided to quit using herbicides and pesticides three years ago. I had my soil tested and it was low on nitrogen and too high on phosphorus and potassium. I top dressed my yard with compost, sprayed molasses, and spread soybean meal (heavily) spring and fall. My grass is now a dark green and has to be mowed every 5 days. This spring I had the best looking yard I've ever had. My problem is nutsedge-it is everywhere and getting worse! I can't find an organic solution. I read some people have had some success with molasses but it didn't work for me. Does anyone have any other suggestions?? Please help, it's making me crazy!
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    If you are only looking for organic solutions, best I can offer is that it pulls rather easily when the soil is moist. Otherwise, a product like Dismiss or Sedgehammer will take it out pretty quickly.
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    I pulled the following from the above link:

    Nutsedge is difficult to control culturally because it produces numerous tubers that give rise to
    new plants. Pulling nutsedge will increase the number of plants because dormant tubers are
    activated. However, it is possible to control nutsedge by pulling, but you must be persistent. If
    you are, eventually the nutsedge will die out.
    If you were going to treat with an herbicide, it would be better to leave the nutsedge plants
    undisturbed so the herbicide can be maximally translocated to the roots, rhizomes, and tubers.
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    You can get rid of it by pulling but as others have mentioned the ground needs to be moist in order to have the best chance of getting the tubers too. I eliminated a ton of nutsedge in a 14k area of my yard by pulling..... it's tedious work.

    I've since moved to Sedghammer & Dismiss the past couple of years. Both work well and I have much less to deal with each year.

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