nutsedge in new sod

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bayaa, Aug 8, 2003.

  1. bayaa

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    I recently installed new grass in the front and back of my customers house. The front had rye/blue and the back had dwarf fescue. Nut sedge came up in the front ( in the middle of the sod roll not the seams) but not in the back. I called the grower (Pacific sod) and they said it was my compost that i mixed into the soil. I told them that I used the same compost in the back yard. In your opinion where did the nut sedge come from?
  2. seascape

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    Your compost. Treat it w/ "manage". Also use a surficant.
  3. laserman

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    I realize that here in La. it's a totaly different climate with different grasses ect. But when I sod I don't add compost and ALWAYS have nutsedge. I think its not so obivious in freshly mowed grass like St Augastine or Centipede, but give that crap a few days and it shoots up. Just my 2 cents from half a dozen sod jobs a season.
  4. smburgess

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    "Manage" does work great on nutsage.

    Sometimes with new sod the conditions become perfect for nutsage - lots of water and a washout of fertilizer, both of which provide an ideal condition for nutsage.
  5. Hamons

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    I had alot of nutsedge invade a zoysia yard I sodded thsi year too.

    I had the same theory as smburgess -- lot sof water and extra fertilizer gave it a great environment to grow in. I shot it with Manage and the problem was solved.
  6. GLAN

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    If you had nutsedge before. You will still have it after a lawn renovation. Unless you Sod Cut the old lawn 2" - 3" and removed. Adding nonsterile ammendments such as screened top soil or compost can reintroduce the Nutsedge.

    Even with the best intentions. If it was there before. You will most likely get it again.

    I never questioned. Just treat and move on.

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