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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by EVM, Jul 10, 2009.

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    I know someone had asked about mixing Sedgehammer & Gly but.....

    I am thinking about mixing MSMA, Momentum FX, & Sedgehammer for a spot treatment mix for broad leaf, crabgrass, dallisgrass, nutsedge etc. Do you think the sedgehammer will pass to the nutlet with a tank mix like this? Or will the nutsedge leaf burn down too fast?

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    Not your answer but I use MSMA and Certainty both in the same tank (big tank) and get excellent kill on nutsedge, and lots of grassy weeds. To me it is easier than spraying MSMA then going back over it with Certainty for nutsedge. It is cheaper for me to add the extra cost and get it all at once.
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    I found mixing w/c and sedgehammer together got to expensive. I was spraying more weeds than nutgrass. Right now I have seperate b/p's for w/c, c/g-(aclaim extra) and sedgehammer.

    I tried MSMA, and burnt the piss out of some lawns, and have not used it in a few years. This after they took DSMA off the market. Why on earth they took it off the market is beyond me. That stuff was awesome.

    I not sure about certainty...have heard from other LCO's that they are smoking the good turf as well.

    As far as dallisgrass, those using MSMA...are you following label rate, or using less? More water/k? I strickly use a b/p.

  4. EVM

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    I have used FX, MSMA, & Sedge BP many times before and never burnt anything. Most times I spray it the temps are around 90 degrees on stressed lawns too. Never had any burn issues but I am wondering if the nutlet will be killed. Even when using sedgehammer in a solo mix the nutsedge comes back the next year so it is hard to tell (time wise) if the mix is doing its job. Usually takes 2 years+ to get control.

    When I spray that combo mix; I use a fan nozzle and mist plants, absolutely no drip off of the weed or grass. I always follow the label for MSMA (i think there is only one rate) and use the low-medium rate for the broadleaf chem, .9 grams in 2 gallons for the sedgehammer. I also see many LCO burn lawns spray for nutsedge, I always get a laugh out of that.

    I told a customer to have Happy Lawn come out and spray for their crabgrass break through, what a mistake that was. Happy Lawn made the lawn really sad witch scorch marks all over it.
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  5. xtreem3d

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    would Q4 be cheaper than than those mix combinations? before i had my license i had an employee spray Q4 for me and the results on sedge, crabgrass , and weeds were amazing,

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