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    I am going to start a new application next year just for nutsedge control. I just cannot believe how many lawns are now effected and how much it spreads.
    I am getting multiple calls everyday from existing and new costumers. Most used to freak when I gave them my price for spraying nutsedge now they all just want it gone. It is taking over
    Besides the usual Manage has anyone come up with any other controls.
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    HAve used both Basagran and Manage, both work excellent. With the extremes of heat and moisture this year, the same case is holding true for nutsedge here as well.
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    Manage is now called Sedgehammer. Exact same thing, just Monsanto sold the manufacturing rights to another company. There is also Dismiss, by FMC. Supposed to give better control than Manage. Never used it myself, so I can't comment. It is very expensive, but a bottle goes a long way.
    Nutsedge is popping up all over the place. Getting worse an worse every year.
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    I think it is said that it gets worse every 3 years. Try looking at pennant it is a preemergent for nutsedge. Im not sure if its good for cool season grasses
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    Dismiss is an excellent product. You get a rapid burndown of sedges plus it will control many broadleaf weeds. The best thing about Dismiss is that it provides pre-emergent control of sedges....about 75 - 90 days.

    The alternatives to Dismiss are Certainty, Image, Sedgehammer, and Monument (not for residential use).
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    How much does Dismiss cost? Does anyone have a link to the label?
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    No real controls here, but I've learned that too much water is not a good thing. I have one account where he controls the irrigation system and has it running all the time. Nutsedge every year (a lot) and he uses Manage every year. I have another account I set the system but he always goes behind me and switches from one to two cycles a week to almost everyday. Nutsedge always comes on strong when he does this. I can tell when he's been screwing with the controller without even looking at it. :laugh:

    Nutsedge really likes moist ground. And is it me, or does nutsedge love to grow in lariope beds? It's almost like it knows they look alike so it invades that area to be inconspicuous. :laugh:
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    $195 a pint at Lesco. yes I did say pint. FMC will make a fortune off this product if people will buy it. More expensive than gold. I will use something else.

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