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    why is it that, some lawns get nutsedge every year, and others dont? we have some great looking lawns, then in late summer, bam, that lightly colored ratty looking nutsedge. i have treated it succesfully with manage, but is there anyway to prevent it? also, if u know that the nut is gonna be a problem on certain lawns, do u figure in an addition fee for an additional treatment?
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    Basagran (bentazon) and Manage (halosulfuron) are probably your best choices of which I see you use Manage. Since it spreads via tubers control is difficult, but annual applications should eradicate after a couple years. Any extra treatment is an extra fee.
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    No prevention, just eradication. 2-3 shots of manage several weeks apart to whatever is growing at that time gets the job done. The next year there will be less the first time and less in subsequent outbreaks. I charge extra as well. If they want to know why they have it or why I charge more I tell the following.

    Nutgrass is neither a grassy weed or a broadleaf weed. It is a sedge which is physiologically different. Therefore it does not respond to the control methods used in routine applications. There is no preventaitive for it. It does not occur in all lawns. Where it does occur it varies in amount. The product used to eradicate/control it is very expensive and the application is done selectively to only a few customers. It is a limited and specialized application of an expensive product for a difficult problem. That is why it costs more. And then they say "go ahead".

    I find it usually manifests itself most heavily on stressed areas of the lawn. Areas thinned by disease, insects or lack of vigor due to insufficient moisture. These areas are usually warmer to hotter as a result of less green foliage and may be a micro climate of higher temps naturally such as those areas facing south or west in full sun and maybe on a slope.
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    Sounds like the properties may have been improperly managed by the previous contractor, who unknowlingly mowed or hand pulled the sedge, thus by either method spread the further by its tubers. Continue to use Manage as instructed by Harold, the key is spraying it in a juvenile stage, 3 leaves or less. In 2-3 years it will be gone for good. With regards... devildog
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    Has anyone considered using round-up with a pipe wick? May have to do multiples but cheaper.

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    In my experience round-up has never worked it burns the tops but the stuff comes back.

    I heard of a pest company told a person who got nutsedge that the only way to get rid of it was to pave the whole aera!

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    I have a few properties with nutsedge and have yet to be able to get rid of it with manage. I treat twice every year and the following year it's back again. and roundup does not work . We sprayed with roundup in shrub beds and the nutsedge just laughs at it.

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    I'd definitly charge extra for any kind of manage application. It's pretty expensive.
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    Actually the above statement is not far off from truth. Manage, image etc only profess to "effectively control" the problem not kill or eliminate. Prior to making my first treatment last year I called my Lesco rep and asked what would kill nut sedge. He used words like "effective control" but never kill or eliminate. I asked outright will either of the above two products or round-up kill nutsedge and demanded a one word answer-yes or no to the question. A brief pause was followed with the words, "No, there is not a herbicide on the market that will kill nutsedge. It will only put it into dormancy for different and extended periods of time." All customers that request nutsedge treatments are required to sign a letter of understanding that the treatment will only control the problem, more than one treatment will probably be necessary for effective control and the problem will eventually resurface." The definition of control versus kill is also included.
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    Wow I can't believe after nine people posted no one has a clue of how to control Nut sedge

    #1 sedge is water loving. Control irrigation or improve drainage.

    # 2 Pennant (Metolachlor) is a pre-emerge that is labeled for sedge and works. Also crab grass and many others.

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