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    Ahh, but Ric, trying to teach a fisherman anything about fishing is impossible. He knows it all, LOL.

    But even harder to teach a lawn dog that there are proper ways to do things.
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    ric i used manage in the scortching heat this past august. did 4 props, killed the nutsedge, didnt damage the turf. is it possible u didnt rinse the tank after u last used roundup? did u overapply? are u sure it was nutsedge u treated? i did some pretty big areas that were infested badly, and had great results.
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    I'm with the rest of you. NO problems. Potentials I see are sprayers contaminated with a non-selective vegetation control or the improper use of surfactant.

    The label directions must be followed very specifically for this product to work. I backpack it on probably like many others. Spray to wet means fully wet but not running off or not misted on. I think the surfactant is like .5 oz per gal of water. The product has a special measuring spoon with it for mixing. And if you haven't noticed when mixing the little pellets take some time to disolve. I mix in a clear plastic jug shake and set for awhile and shake again till I don't see pellets. Keep it shaken as you apply. Mix short batches so you use it all immediately. The product effectiveness is lost when standing in the water for too long. Use within a few hours, never leave over night.
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    I have had good onetime success with MSMA and Manage. Yes I am careful with temp. But I KILL it the first time and don't have to go back. I also don't injure the Bluegrass. Just my thoughts, hope you find a method to kill it.
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    My 2ยข, I use Manage.
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    Where can I get manage in fort lauderdale fla.Thanks
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    I've seen the Sedge growing in area of total drought conditions. Bypassing the pre conceived issues of it must be a bog type situation.

    I have tried many techniques to ward off the sedge. Manage has worked the best. Timing is critical in ts control. I also had a muclh bed loaded with sedge. A friend in the industry swore if you religously pulled the sedge out, up to labor day you can get control. I laughed at him but later thought what the hell. I attacked that mulch bed pulling every sedge I saw. When it re-germinated I pulled it again. By labor day I had the bed cleaned out and a year later have not seen it return.

    Granted we cannot due it in all our yards but I found it interesting all the same

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    Yep, I'm with the "Rickster" on this one. Cult. practices are essential for good nutsedge control. I treat several properties that are irrigated and pump directly out of a lake. Since they have invested a substantial amount in their systems and the H2O is free, I battle them every year to get the right amount of moisture down. I can also predict which customers will have the Nutsedge problems due to this. Manage is a great product when used properly. Make sure and avoid doing apps 48 hrs before a mowing or when rainfall is predicted within 48 hrs. Use a non-ionic surfactant (sticker) and use a fan type nozzle with your backpack or hand-held sprayer. I've seen great results but have also wasted a lot of time when the customer insists they need tons of water despite adequate rainfall. Even on non-irrigated lawns you will see this stuff in low spots,near HVAC condensation spouts, ditches, areas of poor drainage etc. The old folks used to call it "water grass"...Hmmmmm a clue maybe? Good luck.
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    Any answer on where to get manage in Fla,Lauderdale city.
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    Manage is a GUP therefore you don't need a license to buy it. Image is also good on nut sedge and can be purchased at Walmart in the garden center. Most major chemical supplier will have Manage However IF they will not sell it to you PM me and I will give you the 800# to South Agi they can UPS you since it comes in a bottle about the size of small Tylenol bottle. It will cost you about $90.00 Plus S&H. It should cover close to an acre.

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