NW TN Transition Zone - Weber CR7 MSM Compatrol Dresden, TN

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    I'm selling my 2014 Weber CR7 MSM Compatrol with 4 hrs. It has the Hatz Diesel and all the bells, whistles and most importantly, LIGHTS, to let you know when your base has achieved proper compaction.

    I'd planned to do a lot of Hardscaping when i purchased this back in '14, but my plans didn't materialize. So i'm selling it, along with Packer brothers Rammer PB78 and a PB214 Plate compactor. All purchased new in 2013 and 2014 respectively. All have less than 5 hrs of use and still has the break in oil in them.

    I have/will have them on Ebay for sale. Feel free to make offers here.

    I may share a video of any of the machines running on request.

    I'll accept offers on here or Ebay. Pick it up on site or I'll also ship if you arrange shipping. I'll crate them for +$125 each. I'd consider meeting you halfway for the smaller tools (the Weber is appx 800# and doesn't slide or lift very easily.)





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