NY Pesticide Applications


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I know there is another board for pesticides, but I don't note too much activity there so thus posting here. I am not from NY, but saw a blurb in our paper here in PA that said (direct quote): "New York State, under a legislative agreement reached yesterday (6/19), would become the first in the nation to require homeowners to post warning flags to alert their neighbors when they use pesticides on their lawns. The bill is expected to pass the State's legislature Thursday and would take effect next spring if Gov. George Pataki signs the bill as he has indicated. Homeowners would have to post warning flags before using bug-killing chemicals;" and here's the kicker..."commercial users would have to provide written notice". I know there a registries for pesticide sensitive people for which you must notify, but now they are pushing for written notification for neighbors? Aren't the flags adequate enough? Maybe the neighbors will call and ask if you can do their lawn while you are doing their neighbors. Who knows....maybe it'll work for the better if this agreement becomes law.


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I know here in OH, if we spray anything that will affect honey bees then we must provide written notification to all neighbors with at least a 24hr notice.

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