NYS Landscape design laws???

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by mpro1, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. mpro1

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    Does anyone know what the law is for selling landscape design plans in New York State???

    I know the laws about landscape architects in new york state.

    But what about landscape designers??? How do they get around these laws.

    Would it be illegal for me to sell a landscape design plan without intending to "build" it say sub it out here in nys???

    most designers like myself prepare drawings and use design techniques similar to those of Landscape Architects. Is this Legal???

    Any Help or info on the law would be appreciated.
  2. mpro1

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    Whats Going on doesn't anyone do landscape design plans on this website????
    or is this just a site for peoplle who don't know how to do estimates ect.
  3. JS Landscaping

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    I know to be a Landscape architect you need to be licenced by the state. I believe landscape architects need to be used in situations requireing an engineered retaining wall and commercial prodjects and landscape architecture. I beleive the designer gets around these rules because a landscape designer usually works on a residential side dealing with plantings, hardscape and the other aspects of landscaping. I have been doing landscape designing since I started my company and never have run into any legal problems so far, mainly becuase we do the install after the design and usually get the maintence to it. I have yet to get into the large scale commercial work though, so I have never worked with a landscape architect yet. Im sure if you try searching on the state's website there has to be some explanation to it. Hope this helps any....have a good day.

  4. mpro1

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    Thanks for the reply james

    I think your right about the design/install & build in NYS.

    The NYS Website contains info about practicing landscape architecture and advertising as a landscape architect(you must be licensed) by the state.

    But it really doesn't address landscape design work. Specifically if i where to set-up shop and just sell landscape design plans without building or installation would i be breaking the law????

    Not that i would'nt want to do my installs just sell some plans to people like D.I.Y. or acting as their own contractors or other landscape companies that don't draw up plans ect.

    Thanks Matt------------Pro-Plant Landscapes
  5. AGLA

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    New York landscape architect paractice act has some exemptions. One of them is this:

    • Any person engaged in business as an agriculturist, horticulturist, tree expert, arborist, forester, nurseryman or landscape nurseryman, gardener, landscape gardener, landscape contractor, garden or lawn caretaker or grader or cultivator of land, except that no such person may use the designation landscape architect, landscape architectural or landscape architecture.

    If you fit one of those categories (who does not?), it appears that you are allowed to do the same things that a landscape architect without having an LA license - assuming there are no other licenses for those.

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