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    I agree. Annual color is good money. Very high profit margins, and it makes your properties stand out.
  2. orlawncaresvc

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    Some pictures of our catcher that we made ourselves. We put on this exmark sticker that exmark sent me. What do ya'll think


  3. 93Chevy

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    Catcher looks good. That's a lot less expensive than a vac unit. Hope it works out for you.
  4. orlawncaresvc

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    Thanks, Oh yeah it picks up everything. Every single leaf. It is working out perfect for us.
  5. honeydopm

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    It looks like it is dragging-maybe just the angle of the picture. Great fabrication nonetheless
  6. orlawncaresvc

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    We have been wanting to put a drop on our trailer for a long time now. We finally got to it and started it this weekend. Reason for doing it is our phazer sometimes has a hard time getting up on the trailer. We gave it a 2 inch drop. All material is new. We will be using the old axles for another trailer. Here are some pics of the process. Oh yeah, we did them ourselves.





  7. orlawncaresvc

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    Some more pics of our axle project.



  8. Property Maintenance Plus

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    Your work is awesome! It looks TOOOOOO hot for me tho lol. You are very professional and your set-up is great! I like how you do all your own fab work as well. Must save tons of $$$$$$$$$. How did you learn to do all the installs? I am starting my own business in March, just basic Property Maintenance to start, but I hope to get into the installs and hardscapes and plantings. Seems like your staying very busy. Good luck to you
    :waving: Nick
  9. dhardegree

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    I would def. try on my own house first. Maybe call in some help when it came to the valve and timer installation. I got a buddy in the irrigation business who may be willing to lend a hand. We'll see...

    It is very nice not to have to pay someone an hourly fee for metal work. My neighbor is a metal fab/welder. He does all my projects and I help keep his yard in shape. Works out for both of us. I bought a rusted out home depot trailer from a guy. Scraped everything but axle and wheels. Paid $75 got $25from scrap yard. Paid @ $400 for metal from a buddy whose F-I-L owns a metal business. Bought lumber for floor and had a near brand new 7'x12' lawn trailer for @ $600. Not too shabby.
  10. orlawncaresvc

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    Thanks, I try to make our company look professional all the time. I take pride in our setup and I'm always looking and thinking of new ideas to better and make it easier to carry our equipment. The fab work we do ourselves because it saves us money and we actually love doing it. On our our installs, on how we learned to do them. You can say by doing them ourselves. I guess I'm saying we just got out there and said "here we go." I've read on sprinkler system and water pressure and zones. When I speak about zones I mean sprinkler zones. We have been fortunate enough to do some practice install for some friends and family as practice. And yes they turned out great. Good luck on your business in maintenance and landscaping.

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