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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by orlawncaresvc, Apr 18, 2009.

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    Looks good man. Are you still running the Phazer? If so, adding the highest-lift blades possible will help with striping also. I know northern grass is better for striping, but my Snapper Pro walk behind stripes very nicely because of its high lift blades even without a striping kit. Keep up the good work!
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    You know it's funny because my partner in business which is my brother mentioned that the other day. But I wasn't sure what he was talking about. Thanks, I'm going to look into that.
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    Was driving by the other day and saw this. A home development that ripped out a crazy load of sod that was just installed last summer or so. There will be new homes built on the property. You would think they would of got some sod cutters and attempt to sell it.


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    Our stripe kit is finally comming around and striping. Here are some pics of it.





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    Here are a few pictures of us fabricating some racks for our blowers and string trimmers for our smaller trailer. We had to complete these racks in less that a day. Our main work truck broke down on us. We are certain that it's the transmission and which will cost us some money to repair. So we had to use our smaller trailer with my personal 2003 chevy silverado which also broke down on us two days ago. Fuel pump on this one. Talk about some bad luck or something. But can't noboday take our pride, can't nobody hold us down, oh no we got to keep on moving. Lol, Diddy. We are so busy this week and weekend with work we don't have time to try and do the repairs on the vehicles ourselves so we may end up sending to a shop.





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    Good stuff! I saw lawn-art.. my friend loves doing that in his front yard..
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    Everything looks good,keep up the good work.
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    Well we finally got to demo the Exmark commercial 21. We were able to use it from our dealer a wednesday afternoon until thursday afternoon. We were so looking forward to mowing with this machine. After reading and hearing about all the problems this mower had came out with, we weren't to sure how it was going to perform. We asked our dealer about the famous belt problem and they told us. It really isn't anything big or serious. Just some adjusting that has to be done that's all. Well from being honda commercial 21 users all of our life it was totally different and some getting used the feeling of the mower. We did like the tires it had. Soft and spongy and very absorbant on any inpacts they may recieve. The mower is very fast. Probably too fast. Its very light. We were handling that thing like nothing as compared to our hrc 216 which weighs a lot more. We did notice that the motor would bog down when we would engage it to drive. We thought perhaps the belt on the start of the spin of the transmission? We were not to sure about the single blade but we ran that thing on some high thick grass on the fastest it goes and it cut very nice. But it still can't compete with the twin blade micro cut honda hrc 216 when it come to sucking up leaves. We also noticed that the collection bag would get full very quick. A lot quicker than we expected. We thought it may be because it's not a twin blade and it doesn't cut the grass down finer. Over all my brother and I which are the heads of our operation agree that its an ok mower. And that it would make a perfect summer mower. Not to sure it would do to good in the fall or winter or wet weather. Would we buy one or are we going to purchase one? Not sure yet. Our father who works with us and is a hardcore honda mower lover says that the exmark has nothing on the honda. But we have heard that the new honda hrc 216 is not as good as what they used to make them. We have not been able to demo a honda 216 yet. But honestly we were a little disapointed in the exmark mower. And oh, the belt never came off on us.





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    Here are a few pics of some properties that we were hired to just mow. All dry brush. The first two pics are at a commercial account we take care of. And the last three pics are from a property that we were hired again this summer to mow. approx. 7 acres that is owned by Chevron. It was 109 degrees that day.





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    You still running that Phazer? Have you upgraded to a bigger mower yet?

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