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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by orlawncaresvc, Apr 18, 2009.

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    I couldn't agree more! :clapping:

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    Everyone who's not a Native American is an immigrant in this country. Including the ignorant people like 2brothers. Speak whatever you want. And oh right, I do believe it was the Spanish who 'found' this country so that white Europeans like you could immigrate here, yet speaking their language is not okay because...
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    I figured you guys would be doing more Xeriscaping since its Cali and all. When I was in Vegas, we'd catch all kinds of crap for laying grass
  4. joey7599

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    Nice work and equipment
  5. orlawncaresvc

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    Here are some quick pictures I took of the results of the perennial rye seed we layed down 4 weeks ago. This is one of our commercial properties and it got its first cut in 4 weeks. We used over 600 pounds of seed on this property.


  6. TopNotchLawnCare

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    Lookin' good.

    SNAPPER MAN LawnSite Silver Member
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    Looks great man. I'm getting ready to do some overseeding and hope it turns out that good. I figured this time I would respond in English to avoid problems lol.
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  8. orlawncaresvc

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    Thanks, isn't it too cold there in Texas already. Well too cold to overseed. What kind of seed are you overseeding? We do a lot of tall fescue and perennial rye. We start in October and do it into November. Here in Fresno, ca.
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  9. rob640

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    Snapper man, do u always over seed with rye this late in the year. this is my first year overseeding, i set it out mid sep. when things were starting to go dormant. but i think i did it too soon i got nice results in shady areas but the rest is kind of patchy. i am considering dropping more seed but wondering if its too late here.
  10. rob640

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    or. ur overseeding came out awesome wish i could say the same about mine.

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