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    As some may recall I recently had a Hydro problem, Well thanks to Hustler they got me all fixed-up. They replaced the Hydro and the wheel motor for me. Soon after I got it home I saw some oil leaking out on the wheel. I thought maybe something dint get tightened up, so I pulled the wheel and sure enough one of the lines (bottom line between the hydro and the wheel motor) seemed a bit loose so I tightened it down some. It dint work. I pulled the line and the o ring was mangled and broke. I went to the local parts store and got a new o ring....that dint work. When I pulled the line it was also broke. I tried agian and was real carefull when I tightened it back up...well I noticed today it is still leaking. My question is: Do I need a special o ring? I will call the dealer tomarrow (it sunday) and get there opinion also, but they did say to me that that was the first Hydro wheel motor replacement they have had to do. Any helps you guys can give me would be appreciated. Thanks
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    You need to run the right o-rings.
    Contact your dealer, as I am sure you have this am already.
    They need to take care of this.
    Let me know.


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