oak tatters

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    This is a question, not about a client, but about my own tree.
    About 15 years ago my daughter came home from school with a small stick. Her teacher said it was a white oak root. At the time I was skeptical but I planted the 'stick' like my daughter wanted. Well to my astonishment, not knowing trees very well at the time, that 'stick has grown into an 11 foot tall tree.
    The problem is that for the last 4 or 5 years it has developed a condition that appears to be oak tatters. Now Earl May Nursery sold me a systemic insecticide and I used it according to directions. The tree has not improved. Every spring the leaves emerge in a deformed state. They appear to have all the fleshy leaf missing. It also appears that the leaves emerge from the buds like this. They look like skeleton leaves which I have recognized from pics on the internet, as 'Oak Tatters". I can find no solution to this problem.
    Have any of you experienced tree contractors seen or heard of this condition?


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