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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by gregory, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. gregory

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    well i got some bad news today about the laurel oak trees in my yard..tks to ric i got ahold of jeff hunter from mauget...he looked at the smaller tree and told me there is no saving it it has HYPOXYLON CANKER...that it would die no matter what i did...the bigger tree about 20yards away also a laurel oak is looking the same way he said its a matter of time before that will die also...he would save the money on trying to save them and have them cut down not what i wanted to hear but its better then wasting a bunch of money on somethings thats going to die....atleast now i have an answer on the trees.....
  2. Hortus

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    Good advice, it's recommended that the laurel oak not be used anymore for use. Rising liability issues due to the safety aspects with biological and storm related damage.
  3. gregory

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    the trees were already there... jeff said the bigger one was close to 50years old so its not long for this world anyway.....once i get them down i will plant some live oak this winter.....
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    Sorry about your trees. I missed the problem and Steve the County Extension agent missed the problem. The Master Gardner gave what was some good in put of what to look for, but missed the problem also. Jeff has a degree in forestry from U of Fla and worked for Fla Dept of Forestry for many years. That is why I had you contact him and gave you his number. I have a lot of respect for Jeff and he did the moral thing of giving you the real facts and didn't try to make a buck selling you something that wouldn't work.

    Just a side commend. It is not always what you know but who you know that can helps you do good work. Seminars are great for learning, But sometimes you learn more from the guy sitting next to you than the Seminar Provider. Becoming friendly with that person can be a valuable contact in the future. I met Jeff at a seminar and have picket his brain many times over the years.
  5. PHS

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    Just note about Hypoxylon fungi and maybe Jeff mentioned this...Hypoxylon aren't responsible for killing the tree, they're just a secondary organism. From what I understand they are triggered into growth by very low moisture content in the wood i.e. that part of the tree is already dead.

    That's the truth. I've had the same experience.
  6. gregory

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    tks ric for giving his number he was real helpful...like you said he wasn't there to sell me anything.....

    phs yeah he told me that the one bigger tree is pretty old he said like maybe 50yrs or so he also told me that laruel oaks catch everything under the sun un like live oaks...while he was there he looked at the bigger oak looked like it was under stress the way the new branches were growing so who really knows what started it he seen the bark comming off and knew right what it was what strated the process he said was hard to say but once it got this theres no cure for it

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