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    All boats have their nitch, my brother in law has a 50' sea ray......useless to someone like me (not that I could buy one anyway) but I wasnt bragging, if I was I would have said 42' not 22' My boat isnt anything special but its a good seaworthy boat that gets me and the family safely too and from fishing or boating trips. Thats all I need. And if I wanted to get into some shallow redfishing in the mangroves we would need to take your boat.
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    i would go fishing with a good friend of mine when he had his boat. we would go out in the gulf but it seems we would do more drinking at the lani kai then we would fish. he's up north now he got a job with u.s. customs. he's in the ass hole of ny
  3. fl-landscapes

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    Believe it or not I dont drink much unless I am on vacation and that includes fishing trips. Too hot out there to be dehydrated from alcohol. Well trees went in fairly smooth today, here are some pics. Thats my brother in the hole shaping it to accomadate the shape of the root ball better. 36" auger sure is a labor saver.


  4. zturncutter

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    That's a nice machine you have there!
  5. tallrick

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    Amazing to use that mini machine to auger holes. Hopefully you do not encounter any rock. If I ever get another boat I want to get a steamboat like the african queen. No more gas, fill er up with wood waste please!
  6. fl-landscapes

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    there was very little rock, roots were an issue in a few places and they really slow things down. A hole that had lots of roots could be 20 minutes a hole with no roots 1 minute. Yes it is amazing that little machine can power a 36" auger. Its got an 1800# lift capacity too.
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