Obama care- could cost you $100 a day

Discussion in 'Employment' started by Luke S., Sep 16, 2013.

  1. elbow300

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    That article is absolutely vague. It took longer to load all the advertising than it did to read what little article there was. I'm not sure why anybody would take up the cyberspace for that thing. Looks like a Fox News bs campaign to me. I can't understand how they stay in business. I've never seen anything on there worth watching other than the eye candy they put in front of the cameras.
  2. Kelly's Landscaping

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    May be time for a new internet provider that took me a millisecond to load. As for that site they are the ones that caught all the acorn employees on tape giving advice on how to get government benefits for your underage illegal immigrant prostitution business. So you may wish to give them a little more credit that actually do something its called reporting.
  3. FrostCreek

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    Breitbart quoting Fox Business? Yeah, bro, I give them a shovelful of fertilizer for credit.

    This type of news: A paragraph posted on a media site that is quoting a notoriously-biased media mogul. Remember when people first caught on to fox news?

    Ever heard of affirmations? Repeat something enough and people will believe it?

    They are just filling their quota.

    And your boy Romney wrote the Affordable Care Act back in Massachusetts, because the Dems figured, "how the hell could the Republicans deny this, when it was their chosen one's 'baby'?" Yet, here we are, lol.

    Tried to repeal 40 time? Government on shutdown? America doesn't negotiate with terrorists. . .Iran and Syria were easier to negotiate with than the ******* GOP.
  4. Kelly's Landscaping

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    Boy a lot of you new libs are on here lately they must of shut down another union factory.

    You are right quoting fox is not the best they are center left at best these days but it could of been worse it could of been linked to msnbc or cnn or the huffington post all 3 of them have 0 credibility.

    My boy was Newt not Romney and Romney didn't write that bill. The bill passed by 154-2 in the Massachusetts House and unanimously, 37-0, in the Massachusetts Senate. He had no say in it, they did not need him to sign it what so ever and the 8 items he line item vetoed all were over ridden in a few short days because the dems had super majorities. If you want to pick a fight on this site there are far easier targets then me son.
  5. LandFakers

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    My monthly bill is expected to rise 112% with obamacare. That's surely going to help my business, family, and of course my extra income will surely go down meaning i won't be able to help boost the economy. I'd really like to say what I feel on here but I wouldn't like to get in an argument.
  6. FrostCreek

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    You are so high out of your mind, grandpa. First to say that "fox is at the best center left", man, you must be so right that you're spinning in circles and calling the far right the other end! The democratic party is, at its best, center left, ever since Clinton proved a more moderate road was more economically feasible. . .and the mouthpiece of the Republican party certainly does NOT parrot the values of the Dems!

    And when we say Romney, we mean the Romney administration (just as when we say Obama). And when we say the Romney administration, we are talking about the people he hires and directs to do what he wants to best represent his plan. He had a team working on Universal Healthcare, because, in the supermajority (one word, dip ****) of which you spoke (yay, a correct fact, good job), he felt diversifying this think tank would insure greater bipartisanship, which it did, evidenced by the fact that it was endorsed by Ted Kennedy himself.
    Universal Healthcare and tax reform were his babies, because they would win him a re-election and improve his resume for his presidential run, following his re-election. . .
  7. twomancrew

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    Now they will have to remove 2 posts. Won't be the first time.
  8. exmarkking

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    Y'all people that believe obamacare is about healthcare are complete fools. It's the largest transfer of power from citizens to government in the history of the USA. It's filled with so much fluff it's not even funny. Do you not get that the middle class and up are footing the bill for the poor? Your cool with buying others health care? The republicans offered numerous different approaches to reform healthcare because it does need it. We didn't ask for a government takeover. Do you really think anything ran by the government is efficient and cheap? Lol, you've got to be kidding me.
  9. TX Easymoney

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    Umm...the aca was not actually meant to be romneycare...the target was single payer...but moderate dems pushed it to this trainwreck

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