Obama's recession hiring update: $75/day trim labor

Discussion in 'Employment' started by RECESSION PROOF MOWING, Apr 7, 2010.


    RECESSION PROOF MOWING LawnSite Senior Member
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    I've never had more trained people wanting labor positions than this season. I'm all full up and had 155 calls in two days time and even lowered my pay from $100/day to $75/day! How's the hiring going around the country...I'd be interested in hearing from you. Here in the Midwest...you can literally steal help!
  2. MrRob

    MrRob LawnSite Member
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    lots of people lookin for jobs, but no one that can keep up or worth while.
  3. RHR101

    RHR101 LawnSite Member
    from NY
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    Lots of people looking for work, until they're actually offered a job. Then they say unemployment benefits got extended and it's easier to stay home. Also had a few quit after one day.

    CLARK LAWN LawnSite Silver Member
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    im on third guy already this year. had a few come out and apply but they want to work under the table so they could still get unemployment and or welfare. first guy quit before lunch on first day, we were cleaning and greasing equipment i run for parts and come back and hes gone. second lasted 1 whole day and never came back. third guy worked end of last week and the monday, tues and wed no show no call then shows up yesterday ready to work, ya right get outta my face.

    i am seriously considering downsizing a little and going solo.
  5. mulchmaster

    mulchmaster LawnSite Member
    from ohio
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    I haven't hired anyone yet. I have my dad who works for me and he is on salery, and I gotta say it works out great!

    Mabey in a couple weeks I'll need more help, but for now, it's not all bad working on the small scale. By the way we do alot with snow, so the summer is always slower than the winter, for us anyway.

  6. AintNoFun

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    not business related, but i threw an ad on craigslist for a housekeeper once a week. im amazed at the respones people with 4 year degrees, big bankers/stock guys pretty scary....
  7. tallrick

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    I knew things were bad when all the new teachers at the community college came with doctorate degrees. When I started teaching classes there none existed. Since the economy is so bad it amazes me that nobody is mowing their own lawn and still hiring others to do it.
  8. stang2244

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    I agree, tons of people wanting to work but nobody worth a damn. I am buried with $hit to do but I can't find a decent hand. I wish I knew of a good way to weed out the slackers.
  9. JAG Property

    JAG Property LawnSite Member
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    Everyone seems upset about the help they are wanting. I'm not sure anyone would want to work for $75 a day!NOt Me!!! No wonder people quit after a day. I have had the same guy with me for 3 years. I pay 14/h and he is the best worker EVER! When We are going to make 900 to 1100 per day mowing, Why would you expect someone to watch you make the difference and stick around. If I were that $75 a day guy seeing it, I would go buy a mower and take your jobs from you for being a cheap ass! :hammerhead: would anyone here stop their unemployment for 75 to 100 a day? Do you blame them???
  10. yard_smart

    yard_smart LawnSite Senior Member
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    I'll sum it up for you roughly 9% of the people unemployed want a job but dont wont to work.

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