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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Roger Wilkerson, May 15, 2008.

  1. Roger Wilkerson

    Roger Wilkerson LawnSite Member
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    I have been shopping for a commercial z turn for residential use and have narrowed the list to three which suit my needs. I would appreciate any info that can be shared on the following and opinions on what is the better choice.

    1. Everride Warrior - 26 Briggs ELS / 60 deck, w/ROPS 6500.00 new, same unit with 25 hp Kaw is 500 more

    2. Toro Z Master 450 Pro Performance - 23 hp Kaw / 48 Turbo Force Deck, new unit 6600.00 w/ ROPS
    3. Country Clipper Charger - 25 hp Kohler Command Pro / 60 deck, 6300.00 new

    My observations -

    Everride - seems a little cramped but could just need the handles adjusted, seems like a heavy well built machine. Nice wide stance

    Toro - Very nice feel for a compact no negatives except that the front end is a bit light, hence the other two choices being full frame models

    Country Clipper - didn't get much seat time, drove in the parking lot at the dealer but can't seem to get one brought to my property to try on my hills. Specs out nicely and reviews are good.

    note - I also demoed the Scag Tiger Cub and the Scag Freedom Z. The tiger cub was nice but quite expensive when compared with the Toro which was better equipped and the Freedom was just too small.

    Thanks in advance

  2. lzrj

    lzrj LawnSite Member
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    Go with Everride. I think I responded to one of your previous post but the Everride is one very well designed machine. It was designed by Honda, should I say more. The Biggs ELS is not as good as a Kawi (IMO, the Vanguard is the engine you want if you get a Briggs but they don't come on Everrides) but for a homeowner the ELS will still last you just as long if taken care of. Not sure what you mean by the Everride seemed "cramped". I think the seat needed to be pushed back. Im 6'2" 230lbs and I have plenty of room on it, very comfortable with the suspension seat that most don't have. Everride is the best bang for your buck right now for a full size mower and you cant go wrong if are buying from a place that will give you service when needed. I researched for 6 months and tested everything out there (even Toro) before I bought my Everride. No regrets. This might be a little more biased than what you were looking for but it is from another real world buyer from Missouri.

    WALKER LANDSCAPE LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Toro has my vote have been using them for years. It would las a home owner for many many more years.
  4. Roger Wilkerson

    Roger Wilkerson LawnSite Member
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    Not biased just factual. I am leaning in that direction due to the dealer support. The Toro was a great machine but the dealer is not in the greatest of health and has talked of selling and the Country Clipper dealer support was non existent. I have a bit of a gut and the control levers seemed a little close but that probably is a benefit when I think about the fact that it shortens the arm extension. I am kinda getting paralysis by analysis so it is time to just crap or get off the pot. Thanks for the valuable input
  5. Roger Wilkerson

    Roger Wilkerson LawnSite Member
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    I really like the Toro but.....there is always a but...it was a compact that costs as much as a full frame model and I am looking for a wider stance due to my slopes. The problem isn't as much the slopes as it is the clay on the slopes. When it gets wet it is like snot and nothing will stick it but I am thinking that a larger heavier unit may stabilize that a bit more. Plus I may be able to pick up a few overflow jobs from my old LCO that steered me in the direction of the Everride. Thanks for the opinion, they are all valuable
  6. jkason

    jkason LawnSite Senior Member
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    If you have slopes that are steeper than say, 20 degrees, buy something with a wider stance that is not "light" in the front. It will save you from popping wheelies and flipping the unit.

    If there is even a chance of doing overflow work from your local LCO, get the Kawaski option. Heavier duty. Also get something with ROPS. Will definately save your @$$.
    Some municipalities even have codes that require them.
  7. Roger Wilkerson

    Roger Wilkerson LawnSite Member
    Messages: 69

    Thanks much, it is looking more and more like the Everride being the best choice for the buck
  8. lzrj

    lzrj LawnSite Member
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    I have a long steep slope I mow with the Warrior. It too has a lot of clay in it but most of it has grass. I do fine if I just go slow. No zero turn is good on slopes but wider would be safer. Good luck with your purchase.
  9. Roger Wilkerson

    Roger Wilkerson LawnSite Member
    Messages: 69

    It seems like everyone but the Toro dealer dropped the ball. I had cash in hand and no one wanted it. The Everride dealer and I spoke twice yesterday and we were going to finalize the details today but he blew me off and the Country Clipper dealer flat out said he wasn't bringing one to my site and the distributor and the company didn't help.

    Bottom line - I bought the Toro with the 23hp kaw and 48 inch Turbo Force deck. He also gave me a free suspension seat, a 4 pack of Opti, a set of blades, A 50 hour service, a bump feed head for my Echo trimmer and 5 full day equipment rentals of my choice. All in all a pretty good deal for us both I would say. What do you think?
  10. lzrj

    lzrj LawnSite Member
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    Im sure you will be happy with the Toro as well. Its a good mower as well. Happy mowing.

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