Obtaining new clients


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Lexington, KY
Mowing contracts are almost all sowed up at the beginning of the season. However, people can decide that they want to enhance their landscape at anytime during the season. Especially when they see everyone else's flowers in bloom. I know word of mouth is an effective method for getting more clients. However, I am booked up through May and was wondering how I go about acquiring some more accounts after this? Should I direct mail some people who have just moved into their houses? Should I just rely on word of mouth? Should I take out an ad in the services section? Should I place an ad in the home and garden section of the saturday paper?(this would be expensive) I do not have an ad in the telephone book. I got started too late in the season. I will have a web site up soon (a quality one) with examples of my work. I was just wondering what some of you other professionals were doing?<br>TIA<p>----------<br>Integrated Landscape Solutions<br>Lexington, KY


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My advice is to use those methods that allow your company to be the only voice they hear at the moment you convey your message. Don't get into a shouting match with a hundred other advertisers. Unless you've got the deepest pockets, you won't win. <p>And buy the book Guerilla Marketing - If you don't get 10 good ideas from it, you weren't paying attention.