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ocdc clumping

Steady Mowing

LawnSite Member
Westminster, MD
For example, on my 60" Lazer, what happens to the clippings when the chute is closed? Does it clump, leave streaks or what? I would just like some feedback before I buy.


LawnSite Senior Member
Depends of if the grass is wet or not. Wet? It'll clump. Dry? It'll leave a streak. If you're using a OCDC to keep the clippings out of beds or off the house, then that's what it'll do. You'll just have to deal with the drawbacks. I've got a lazer too(52") and I had a mulch kit on it for 3 weeks. Took it off as I really didn't like how it limited me. Added the OCDC, a Jumbo catcher, or when I have to, the Ultra-vac, and I can do everything I have to wothout too much fuss.

Eric 1

LawnSite Bronze Member
Toccoa Ga.
O love the ocdc on my Dixie, but it does clump some when the grass is wet.