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OCDC for 52" Turboforce Deck


LawnSite Senior Member
Waco Texas
How big is that bagger? I have a OCDC I had on my 52" Toro for a few months before installing a mulch kit. I can't remeber the brand of it at the moment.

Kickin Your Grass

LawnSite Senior Member
North Texas
It's part # GCTOSU (4.15 cubic ft) and fits Turbo Force 34, 36,40,44,52 AND 60 inch Decks.


I have 2 of the catchers. I was using one on my 44" Z and I was using the other on my 34" Z-Master but sold both mowers to help pay for my 52" Z-Master. I will be only using one catcher now and I have one sitting in the garage. I am willing to do a even trade. I paid $389 plus shipping on 2/6/07 (for each one).

If interested....Would you be willing to meet half way?