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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Westbrooklawn, May 7, 2003.

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    I just wanted to pass on some information regarding the Director OCDC from York Sheet Metal.

    I installed one on my Lazer Z HP, 48" deck last week, and I am totally impressed with the time it is saving me. In tight areas around beds, or when discharge would normally go over paved areas, I simply close the OCDC and virtually eliminate a lot of the blowing and clean-up I would normally have to do.

    In a lot of cases The "half open" position is great for those times when you are mowing grass that has gotten too high between mowings (seeing a lot of that with all the rain we've had!). In this situation I will often discharge to the center of the lawn to avoid discharging heavy clippings over the area already mowed. I use to still have problems when I got down to the last 8' or so of unmowed area where you would be discharging over the uncut grass into the cut area on the other side. Now I can direct clipping where I want them, and with just a couple passes can disperse the accumulated clippings and make them dissappear.

    There were several threads on here a few months ago from folks looking for the Director for the 48" LZHP deck. It is now available from York Sheet metal, and I would strongly recommend it.

    I am going to take some pictures and post them for anyone interested.
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    The following website will get you to York Sheet Metal


    Talk to David, he is the manager for this product, and is extremely helpful.

    I failed to mention in my previous post that one of the main benefits of the OCDC is that it provides the same safety as your original discharge chute, but you decide when you want to engage it. It give me a good feeling to be able to have that protection when discharging towards cars, houses, and most importantly people! I think my insurance company might be upset to pay a major claim if I had removed my chute and had no way to direct my discharge......

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