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  1. Trimline

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    I know their are alot of Dixie chopper fans on this site. Can any of you guys tell me more about the operator controlled discharge chute. I never knew something like this existed. I spent the whole season trying to design one.Any of you guys use them how do they work?

    This feature may be the deciding factor between exmark and dixie!
  2. GroundKprs

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    Learn to search before you ask. You will find a lot more info in the archives than you will by re-asking a common question. See any mention of OCDC This is a search of any mention of "ocdc" in Lawnsite; but maybe you won't want to read hundreds of comments about your question.

    So search for threads on "ocdc" that Eric ELM has commented on, and you only have 20 threads with 300 responses. That is here: Eric on OCDC Then on each thread , use your browsers "find" function to find each mention of "ocdc".

    If you still have a question after all those comments, at least you will be able to ask in detail for the help you need.
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    If you go to my site and go to the DC Page, yesterday I put up several pictures there also of my new diesel. It has a good shot of the OCDC in the Closed position, there is a lever that you can reach from the seat that opens it all the way or partially open.
  4. Premo Services

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    The dixies have an OCDC on them but if you are interested in exmark lazers there is a company that makes operator controlled discharge chutes for the lazers I think it is called York Sheet Metal Products, mabey you could find it in one of the posts mentioned in the last post made by GroundKprs.

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