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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gogetter, Nov 5, 2002.

  1. gogetter

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  2. Richard Martin

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    It looks more like the OCDC from DC. If anyone has a patent on that type of device it would be DC.
  3. TLS

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    Well, the person that makes that has posted a pic of it on here or over there at least once. I thought that his design is just a little too complicated when it comes to his linkage though.

    If anyone should be mad, I think it would be YSM. This guys control TOWER is almost a direct copy of my DIRECTOR from YSM. I'd think he'd be OK if he just stuck to mower brands that YSM or DC doesn't make them for. Don't know, but I'd be getting a patent attorney on it right away by any of the manufacturers (including this guy)

    He's wasting time with the holes. No benefit, and will let some smaller clippings excape.

    On my YSM Director, when folded UP, it is totally out of the way of everything. The plate swings "Over Center" and lays back on the control rod at a 45 degree angle.

    We'll see what the price goes up to. But it seems a little high?

    If I HAD to by a SCAG Tiger, I'd probably buy this though. Once you have an OCDC, you can never go to a mower without one! Thanks DC!!!
  4. FrankenScagMachines

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    I don't like the design.. Like TLS said, too much linkage and just poor design, I could have done better and I'm 15... I seriously hope this guy isn't manufacturing these things. If so he needs to use just one color of paint on them :p You ought to be able to retrofit a YSM Director to just about any ZTR really.

    TLS, I do think that holes help some though I'm not sure he has enough there to help. I think the ventilation helps with blowout issues on leaves. JMO.

  5. wattsup

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    I know the guy who is selling these. I do not know what some of you mean by saying the linkage design is too complicated. It is almost identical to DC, but is actuallly less complicated. It works just like the DC but it is not as smooth. How much does the Director sell for? By the way, not taking up for this guy, just trying to say in person the unit looks much better. Just my opinion.
  6. geogunn

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    I'd have to want one real bad to pay what he's asking for them.

  7. Richard Martin

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    If you guys think that's too much money then don't even go near the YSM or DC. $185 is an incredible deal on a device that saves as much time as these do. If I had bought an Exmark Lazer instead of my DC I would have bought the YSM the first year I had the Lazer.
  8. REO

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    I am the one who designed the Director and I appreciate all the positive comments on it. I know that I too like TLC, couldn't operate my eXmarks without them. I WILL be checking this guy out to see where he got the design for the super structure.
  9. kppurn

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    I have the Director on my lazer and it's well worth the money. I agree, wouldn't want to mow without it. The biggest benefit for me is keeping grass out of beds and closing it near traffic, facing windows, etc. Also, when I use the mower to blow off driveways, I direct it down (not totally closed). This blows the grass off of drives much better than having the chute open.
  10. Esby

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    I am also a proud owner of The Director.....sure you pay a high price for it. But its something that I dont know how I would operate my Lazer without. Thank you York:D

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